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Asian Teapots , Ceramic & Glass Teapots,
 Tea Infuser Teapots, Cast Iron Teapots

Unique Teapots

Excellent Tea Gifts For Tea Lover

A unique selection of finely crafted ceramic teapots, hand blown glass teapots and cast iron teapots for the tea drinker.  Excellent tea gifts for the tea lover in your life.

Affordable, Unique Teapots make a lovely gift. 

Have A Unique Teapot Gift Delivered For You

Unique Teapots

 Glass Teapots, Ceramic Teapots, Asian Teapots,
Tea Infuser, Cast Iron Teapots

Cast Iron Teapots, created in China, symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world. The cast iron teapots can be used either as a kettle for boiling water or as a teapot for serving tea

Glass Teapots allow the beautiful color of tea to beckon while it steeps and are perfect to watch blossoming teas.

Find the perfect teapot to fit your desired tea experience.



The History Of Teapots 

Before there were Teapots…
Teapots are relatively a new invention when compared to how long tea has been enjoyed. In the 7th century, tea was in  brick form. A piece was cut off and then broken up so that it could be boiled in cauldrons full of water. The tea was sipped from wide bowls, rather than cups. Shortly after, powdered tea became popular. The ground tea was mixed with hot water in a deep, wide bowl. This type of bowl helped facilitate the whipping of the powder to a froth with a whisk. When the powder settled, the tea enjoyed from the bowl.

Early forms of Teapots
The traditional teapots weren't needed until the type of tea changed. In the 1300's, leaf infusion started thus creating the need teapots to allow for the tea to steep.

Teapot-like vessels have been around in China for thousands of years, but they were used for wine and water. These vessels had a spout and handle and eventually were adopted for the steeping of tea.

The most popular teapots from this time were produced in the YiXing region of China. These teapots were made purple clay and were known to be of fine texture and high quality. These YiXing teapots were hybrids of the earlier drinking bowls and the modern teapots. Not only were they used to brew tea, but were actually drinking vessels. An individual would drink directly from the spout of the pot.

The teapot design of today
Today, we are more familiar with the globular shaped teapot, a European invention. The inspiration for the design might have been twofold, Islamic coffee pots were similar as were the Chinese wine vessels. Early European teapot designs were inadequate due to poor workmanship and poor quality of materials. A breakthrough occurred in the early 1700's. A new clay was found and with the help of new technology, a fine porcelain was created that rivaled the best that China had to offer.

Discount Unique Teapots Glass Teapots, Ceramic Teapots, Asian Teapots, Tea Infusers, Cast Iron Teapots

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