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Blooming Tea Flowers; Flowering Teas Delight The Senses. Buy Blooming Teas And Glass Teapots. Display Teas For Impressive Tea Gifts

Blooming Flower, Numi Flowering Tea


Numi Flowering Teas, Organic Blooming Teas

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Numi Blooming Tea Flowers, Organic Blooming Teas & Glass Teapots

Blooming Tea Flowers

Blooming Tea Flowers - Flowering Teas Delight The Senses!

Buy Blooming Teas And Glass Teapots To Watch The Tea Flower For Impressive Tea Gifts!

Impress your tea lover with our elegant display teas. Delight eyes and taste buds with our awe-inspiring 'blooming teas' and gorgeous glass teapots.

 Flowering Teas Delight The Senses!

Hand sewn tea flowers bloom before your eyes.

Each blooming tea unfurls in water, revealing a beautiful blooming tea flower hidden within.

The practice of hand-sewing leaves into 'blooming teas' is an age-old Chinese art form. Experience the modern incarnation of this age-old ritual

Flowering Teas delight the senses and our Glass Teapots are the ideal venue to allow the beautiful tea flower to bloom before your eyes while it steeps.


Flowering Blooming Teas and Glass Teapots


Blooming Teas, Flowering Teas Processing:

White, green and black teas are picked in the early mornings. While damp, the tea leaves are flattened and sewn with cotton thread into the various shapes and bundles. (Tea leaves may also be scented with jasmine blossoms before sewing begins for a more floral flavor.) Some shapes take about one minute to sew while other more elaborate designs containing lilies or oesmanthus may take up to 10 minutes. While still moist, the leaves are shaped into balls, mushrooms, cones, etc. Finally, the teas go through the usual drying, oxidation and firing process


Blooming Tea Flowers - Flowering Teas Delight The Senses! Blooming Tea Flowers
Buy Blooming Teas And Glass Teapots To Watch The Tea Flower For Impressive Tea Gifts!

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